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By Simran Kashyap . 26th June 2018 09:30am

DIAMOND LYRICS - Gurnam Bhullar

Lyrics by: Vicky Dhaliwal Singer: Gurnam Bhullar Composer:Where Ikwinder Singh goes on the streets, where the hummer cracks are thrown in the street, like the pawns of the Ma'jars, there will be the date of the peak of the big houses, the date of the winter winters will be written on the marriage cards, if they do, then all the shonk pugs will give your wrist to the wings of Sardaraniya Diamond. x (2) notes not inserted multiple couples, do not have too many attributes, Rockena Chobar keeps a jeremy attic, placed rocket chabar, jeere leon chabar boil Jere would not be able to go to Jat to meet the hatchery if he had gone, call him a sweet bombshell, call his wrist tightly drooping the diamond neckline x (2) The rickshaw pulling up to the High Court, the fewest number of Shonki jats The costly cost of the expensive car and the small number of costly rivet rings the costly cars on the expensive cars and the ones that roam around us. On the map of Calgary, I will lend your name to your wrist (2) Keeping the mind of the connoisseur of congratulatory thinking, take care of Wagons every day, take care of the wagon, take Dhau lalvila belo ji Dhagalivalla Billa, Vicky Dhaliwal, Billa, the village sarvoli, Will make Gurnam Bhullar's amphitheater goat today, you will book your wrist up tightly, let your clot be worn by the Sardinian diamond necklace. Will put .. will put your wrist jhanjara spam saradaranie Diamond

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