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Did you know curry leaves can be a solution to your Hair problems? | Gabruu

By Ritika Nath . 21st September 2019 10:00am
Did you know curry leaves can be a solution to your Hair problems? | Gabruu

Hair problems are the most common problem that every one of us has to deal with. It usually happens due to the poor hair follicles as our hair does not get the proper environment to grow. Thus, the hair fall takes place. We have all tried a number of home/artificial remedies to find a permanent solution. But, did you ever know your most-used kitchen ingredient –Curry Leaves-can also help you out?

Curry Leaves are used in most of the home kitchens and it's the most inexpensive method to fight for unwanted hair fall. It is loaded with the properties which can work wonders for your hair and promotes hair growth.

Here we have listed below some ways to use curry leaves for your hair:

Curry leaves and coconut oil

Coconut oil is extremely used for many of the problems that a person has. And for our hair too, coconut oil is the best remedy. Mixing coconut oil with the curry leaves can provide you with the best hair growth remedy that you can ever think of. Just heat the mixture and after cooling it down, apply it onto your scalp and hair. Massage your scalp and keep the mixture for a few hours and then wash it off, as usual. You will see the change by yourself.

Curry leaves for frizzy hair

If you are rid of your frizzy and tangled hair, curry leaves can save you. Take about two cups of water and boil some curry leaves in it. After washing the hair with the shampoo, wash it with the mixture of curry leaves and the water that you boiled earlier. The results which you will see are what you wished for your frizzy hair.

Curry leaves for shaft strengthening

Some people might not even know what exactly a hair shaft is. It is nothing but a particular part of the hair that rises above the scalp. Curry leaves contain vitamin B6, which is really effective in acting as a hormone regulator in the process of hair loss. It has been proved that curry leaves are high in its nutritional values which help in strengthening hair root as well as hair shaft. It is also very beneficial for digestion. Thus, hair problems get eradicated right from the root if you treat your hair with the help of the curry leaves

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