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Did you know these absurd laws are enforced upon women in different parts of the world?

By Geetika Raleh . 29th February 2020 09:00am
Did you know these absurd laws are enforced upon women in different parts of the world?

Women have the tendency to break the stereotypes and do anything they want in the world. However, there are certain countries which have banned women from doing certain things. Over a period of time, women are not just excelling in different fields but also breaking the shackles and the stereotypes which have been set over a long period of time. But when it is freedom that is talked about, women have to fight for it even today. Whether it is going to work post marriage or raising a voice for equal pay, women have to struggle everywhere.

Some nations have put peculiar restrictions on women which don’t make any sense at all. There are various bans put on women in different sections of society.

Read below to know about these bizarre bans.

Women can’t skydive

This ridiculous law has been made applicable in Florida against women who are single, divorced or widow. Though not strictly imposed, it is used against female violators in some cases.

Women can’t have wine

According to the law, women can consume wine but only when her husband is around. But if the husband feels that his wife has had too much already, he can divorce her right there and then on the basis of morally and sexually negligent behaviour.

Restricted to shop

Women who are under the age of 40 years are not allowed to go and shop in Asara village in UP. The panchayat which made this rule also spoke against girls using mobile phones.

Debarred from doing many things

Women in Afghanistan are not allowed to laugh loudly, wear heels and get together during the festivities. The Taliban penalise the women in a cruel manner if such a thing is done.

Can’t watch football

There are certain sports that women can’t watch in Iran and one of those sports is football. The reason behind this ban is that if the women see men in shorts, it might excite them and make them lustful.

No false teeth

Women residing in Vermont don’t have the right to wear false teeth. They can do so only they are permitted by their husband.