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Did you know your voice could reveal so much about your personality?

By Geetika Raleh . 18th September 2019 09:00am
Did you know your voice could reveal so much about your personality?

Less than a second is all one needs to know a person’s personality through his voice. It might come across as unbelievable but the voice can reveal a lot about someone. It’s not just exceptional, but also useful and unexpected information about someone. A lot of things can be explained with how a person talks or reacts to separate things. 

Following are the things which can be revealed from a person’s voice:


The voice can indicate the personality, more specifically if the person is an extrovert or an introvert. During a study, people heard computer generated speeches which ware designed to sound like an extrovert and an introvert. The result was that the participants were eventually able to identify personalities. Extroverts speak fast and loud, while the introverts speak quietly and slowly.


The word ‘hello’ reveals about the trustworthiness of the person. Nearly 64 different types of hellos were heard by a volunteer. The result was that the men who had a higher pitch were assumed to be more trustworthy and the women who had a lower pitch were considered to be more trustworthy.


Don’t be surprised if you come to know that your height can be detected from your voice. According to a study, people who were tall had a low but a deeper voice.


It’s not just the menstrual cycle which causes the mood swings and the hormonal changes. But it is also the voice which affects it. According to the study, the mood swings increases as the menstrual cycle approaches. So, the women who have a higher pitch are considered to be more fertile.


The voice is able to reveal the upper body strength of a man. In a study, participants heard men of different country talk in their native language and then assessed their strength. The men with deep voice had more strength, according to the result of the study.


Voice impacts the career profoundly. The people who had vocal fry turned out to be less competent and less educated, which is somehow true for women. This point is also influenced by the decision of the employer.


Parkinson’s disease is detected with the change in the voice. Patients who suffer from this disease have slow speech, they become quieter and also suffer from breathing problems. People who start to talk monotonously and later the tremors in the voice start becoming apparent this disease.