Punjab’s megastar Diljit Dosanjh is all set for his upcoming sports biopic ‘Soorma’. Audiences as usual mesmerized by the performance of this star is waiting on its knees for the film’s release. But prior to ‘Soorma’ release a recent statement by the Dosnjhawala has simply awestruck many Punjabis, on the same side, the statement has been quite surprising and sad for fans of India’s prominent cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

In a recent interview by ZoomTV when Diljti was asked about his views on making a biopic of legend cricketer Yuvraj Singh he said;

Of course there should be a biopic made and sooner than later. He has such an inspiring story and is a real hero. Audiences should get to see stories icons who gave everything for their country. And Yuvi paaji is definitely among the top-tier among that list. What he did for the sport and the country will inspire the youth for generations.

But on the same end when the ‘Phillauri’ star was asked would he like to star as Yuvraj Singh if ever the biopic is created in near future. He simply denied for this very reason;

I wish I could, but I can’t. I wear a turban and Yuvi paaji doesn’t. And that wouldn’t change. But his story should certainly be made into a film. In fact, Angad paaji (who plays Sandeep Singh’s elder brother in Soorma) has trained under Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh as have Sandeep paaji and Vikram paaji. They are a wonderful family with so much talent and inspiration.

So it is because Diljit is a ‘Sehajdhari’ Sikh who simply cannot give away his most ultimate (rehat) discipline of Sikh life which is not followed by Yuvraj Singh, the real reason behind you will never see Diljit in as Yuvraj if a biopic is ever created on the legendary cricketer.

In the end, Diljit has also informed that there are numerous personalities from the world of sports and defense on whom biopics should be made so that even they could get the deserved recognition.


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