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By Navjot Bains . 20th June 2020 03:25pm

The much anticipated comeback of two proficient actors Sushmita Sen and Chandrachur Singh in Disney + Hotstar web - series Aarya is here. All the wait was worth it.



When her world suddenly turns upside down, will Aarya become the very thing she hated?How far will she go to survive and protect her family?

The show is based on the Dutch drama series Penoza by Pieter Bart Korthuis

The screenplay and the dialogues are penned by Sandeep Shrivastava and Anu Singh Choudhary. The show succeeds  to glue you to your seats. The screenplay develops slowly and sets it's pace by the end of episode two.  The subplots and the middle act is interestingly written.

The dialogues are natural and realistic.



All the performances stand out and  the skill and the scope for a lot of improvisation scenes is seen here in this masterpiece



1) Sushmita Sen as Aarya Sareen  is MAGIC. What a brilliant performer.  Every nuance right, every expression on point. She holds the character and the traits amazingly. Throughout the entirety of the show we live inside the head of Aarya we feel what she feels. She conveys every message with utmost conviction.

2) Chandrachur Singh as Tej Sareen has put forth a commendable performance

3) Namit Das as Jawahar has lent a superb support.  He plays this desperate want to be proved character with perfection.

4) Maya  Sarao as Maya has got a brilliantly written role and she does complete justice to it. Her emotional breakdowns and the quarrel sequences with Jawahar are the highlights from the show.

5) Sikandar Kher as Daulat has a great body language.  Technically his job was the toughest in the show because it's really difficult to speak less and still make your presence felt.  He has embodied Daulat exceptionally.

6) Ankur Bhatia as Sangram has his moments.

7) Vikas Kumar as A.C.P Khan is another highlight from the show. This C.I.D fame actor has shown his acting chops to the fullest.

8)  Manish Chaudhary as Shekhawat has got  some swag in this one. He looks hot and enjoys every frame that he occupies.

9) Flora Saini as Rads is good .

10)  Pratyaksh Panwar as Adi is adorable and gets all the attention when the eyes are on him.



Neerja fame Ram Madhvani sits on the direction chair once again. In Neerja he transported us to the hijacked plane and immersed  us all in. The same amount of brilliance is shown in Aarya. We are constantly moving along with Aarya. We do not realize that it's s fictional world. This guy has successfully hypnotized us with his outstanding direction.  The camera couldn't be spotted.  You can't explain his frames. His frames are realistic.  Without even breaking the fourth  wall , he directly confronts  the audience.  So this credit should also be given to the D.O.P Harshvir Oberai for his  captivating  framework.



Aarya makes  up for a compelling  and inciting watch. The show sucks you in in it's world. The show may have some not so novel parts  but on the surface it's super fresh.  You can watch the show on Disney +Hotstar. And wait for more because the Don has just arrived.

I'm going with 3/5