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Divya Dutta starrer Sheer Qorma has finally been released

By Geetika Raleh . 25th February 2020 03:25pm
Divya Dutta starrer Sheer Qorma has finally been released

Sheer Qorma’s first trailer has released and it stars Divya Dutta in the lead role who fights her mother for her love and for them to be together.

See the trailer below.

Divya Dutta essays the role of Saira, a non-binary who is in love with Sitara, essayed by Swara Bhaskar. The couple is shown to be together for 10 years in Toronto who gathered enough courage to pay a visit to Saira’s, played by Shabana Azmi, mother who disapproves of her relationship and is staying in India.

The trailer starts with Saira, Sitara and having dinner conversation with the former’s brother and sister in law. Mid conversation, Saira confesses that she identifies herself as a non-binary and so she uses pronouns like they, them, their, which are gender neutral pronouns. Saira’s mother very strongly disapproves of all this. However, the couple stays strong and have each others backs at all times.

Looking at what the filmmakers have shown in the first trailer, it seems that the story is set within just a few days.

Previously talking about the film, Divya was quoted saying, “I have worked with him previously and I know what he has to offer. For me, this is not just a film. It’s a story about relationships – including this woman’s with her family and her partner, which is something that needs to be talked about amid all the taboo that exists in our society. I took up this role because I wanted to challenge myself as an actor and discover another side of me. I am in good hands, as I have Swara and Surekha ji as my co-actors, who are equally fabulous. I always wanted to share a screen with them. It is going to be lovely to bring in all the emotions of women who are in this and find a way to strike a balance in society.

The official release date has yet to be announced by the filmmakers. 

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