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By Jasmeet Singh . 12th October 2018 09:30am

Sidhu Moosewala is all set to hit the Punjabi music scene with a bang as this time he is not to release just a single but a music album. Moreover, this will make it count for Moosewala's music album debut because all of Sidhu's songs till date have been singles. 

The official poster of the music album has been released in which a small boy can be seen wearing a 'dabe wali dhoti' which is being speculated none other than Moosewala himself. The music album has been officially titled 'PBX 1'and which will have not one or two but four music directors making their contribution to it. They are Byg Byrd, Intense, Snappy and Harj Nagra. 'PBX 1' will be released this month itself for which the information was shared on Sidhu's official Instagram himself.

Apart from his music album Sidhu has also created a mega collaboration with none other than famous Punjabi rapper Bohemia, titled as 'Same Beef' the release date of the project has not been mentioned yet but seems like fans a too eager for this release. 

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