After repeated attacks by Islamic fundamentalists the minority Sikh community in Peshawar, Pakistan, is moving to other parts of the country. As per reports more than sixty percent of Peshawar’s 30,000 Sikhs have left for other parts of Pakistan or migrated to India under a constant threat.

A community spokesperson named Baba Gurpal Singh told a media outlet, “I believe genocide of Sikhs is taking place here.” Further, a member of Pakistan Sikh council (PCS) said that their community was being wiped out as they “looked different.” PCS member Balbir Singh, while talking to the media outlet, pointed towards his turban and said, “This makes us an easy target.” A few Sikhs have alleged militant group Taliban for carrying out killings of the minority group. And now Sikhs are resorting to cutting their hair and avoiding wearing turbans in order to conceal their identity.

As per the local media, the Pakistani government has not been acknowledging that the Sikh community requires its support and protection. “Whether it is targeted killings of community leaders or sale of gurudwara lands until you accept the problem exist, how can you find a solution?” questioned TV anchor Taranjeet Singh. He further cautioned that if the situation remained as it was, then soon no Sikh would be left in Pakistan.

news credits: ani


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