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By Jasmeet Singh . 28th September 2018 04:58pm

A few days back we brought to you exclusive news around the upcoming 3D animated film titled as 'Dastaan-E-Miri-Piri'. Presented under the banner of Chhathampeer productions. The movie is being produced by Major Singh, Gurmit Singh, Dilraj Singh. The film is being directed by Vinod Lanjewar & Gurjot Singh and music to the film is by Anamik Chauhan and Kuljit Singh.

The recent update to the project is that the first official teaser of the movie has been released, the animated content is quite enriched and seems to be designed by a team of highly professionals. An inside deet about the film is that it took almost 3 long years for the team to design and execute the final product just in order that not even a single fact gets distorted. The first official teaser released on the official Facebook page of 'Dastaan-E-Miri-Piri' depicts the Khalsa army under the leadership of Baba Bidhi Chand in a war against the cruel Mughal rulers.

It is to inform you that the film will especially depict the life sequence of Baba Bidhi Chand Ji to whom Guru Hargobind Sahib had awarded the title of "Bidhi Chand Chinna Guru Ka Seena", "Bidhi Chand is my chest". The film has been scheduled to release on November 2 in cinemas nearby you whereas the distribution of the film is being taken care of by Omjee group.