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For all the smartphone users in the world, take a look at the most downloaded apps of the decade

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 29th December 2019 12:00pm
For all the smartphone users in the world, take a look at the most downloaded apps of the decade

Though there are millions of apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store but the applications belonging to a single company were the most downloaded apps of the decade.

You already know and have downloaded these apps in your iPhones or Android smartphones, namely the Facebook app along with Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram. As we move forward towards the end of the decade i.e from 2010 to 2019, we take a glance at the top ten apps that stayed above in the charts of being the most downloaded apps by the end-users.

* The image shows a list of the top 10 apps as compiled by App Annie, a global provider of the mobile market data

1. FACEBOOK - Despite the issue raised against the company following the privacy issues, the Facebook app is used by millions of people across the world. FB allows one user to stay connected to the world, family and friends, make new friends and much more and share memories, etc with each other.

2. MESSENGER - The facebook messenger is owned by FACEBOOK company and allows users to have chat and private conversations just like any other chatting app. To add more fun, this app includes stickers, face masks and animated emojis which can be used within the conversation window. 

3. WHATSAPP - This app needs no introduction as you already are using it right now. It is the best and easiest chat and messaging app used by millions which is feature-rich and is owned by the same company FACEBOOK

4. INSTAGRAM - Yet another FACEBOOK company product which is basically a photo and video sharing social media app. The app is used by individuals, companies, photographers and many small scale to large business organizations to reach a wide audience. 

5. SNAPCHAT - Snapchat is another messaging and chat app known for its privacy and special filters used by millions. The features include stickers in the chat along with status updates, stories and Bitmoji, which is your personal avatar of how you look.

6. SKYPE - This is one of the oldest in the list of apps to make it positioned at the 6th place. It has been used by individuals and organizations for voice calls, video chats and is a cross-platform app to make use of chats, sending files and media. This app is more inclined towards Businesses.

7. TIKTOK - Earlier known as Musically, this was renamed as TIKTOK and was launched in 2017 by ByteDance. It serves as a video sharing platform that has different filters, effects and much more and remained the most trending app of 2019 among young people across the world. One can also create short lip sync videos using this app.

8. UC BROWSER - This is a third party internet/web browser developed by a Singapore based internet company UC Web and owned by Alibaba company. The app has got more downloads in fast-growing markets like India and Indonesia and is much more popular than Google Chrome because of its enhanced features and ease.

uc browser

9. YOUTUBE - Google owns this app and is a video sharing platform app which is free to use. Users can upload their videos which are informative in nature and also which belongs to entertainment niche like music videos, movie clips and much more. Youtubers these days are emerging as one of the richest people on the planet.

10. TWITTER - Though this app made it to the last position, it serves as a microblogging and social media app which shows what's trending across the globe by using different hashtags based on the subject. 

We hope you are already using all these apps however still share your favorite apps that you cannot live without. Keep following gabruu.com for more updates.