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By Admin . 14th September 2018 11:30pm

Nisha Bano is a renowned singer and actor in the Punjabi entertainment industry. She entered the Pollywood industry by singing songs like 'Adab Jatti', 'Ohi Boldi', 'Mere Aala Jatt' and 'Mai Chadta Ta'. She has also acted in movies like Laavan Phere, Nikka Zaildar-2, and Jatt & Juliet-1. Now she is coming with her new film, 'Aate Di Chidi', and Gabruu.com had an exclusive chat with the Punjabi actress about many things. Keep reading to know more about the actress. How did Aate Di Chidi happen? why did you choose this film? Script, story or anything else? I liked everything about the film. I loved my character in the film. What kind of character are you playing in the film? My character is all about emotions. Basically, the audience will get to see many colors in one character. Since the character has been shot majorly in Canada so the families and lifestyle of the people living in Canada is also shown. Please tell us about the experience of working with the director, Harry Bhatti.  It was really nice working with him. He is extremely talented and an intelligent director who takes his work very seriously. Since you are a singer and an actor. So what are you more comfortable with between the two? Nothing is easy, because of the competition. If talked about films, you work with a team, you have a character. But if talking about singing, I enjoy it more because you get to know about the response of the people instantly. But I love doing both the things. You have worked in Laavan Phere too. So what is the difference between these two films? Laavan Phere is a family drama, reality of life. But 'Aate Di Chidi' has a powerful message and we also got to learn things to many things while shooting the film. We have seen how people manage the difficult situations when they go abroad for some reason. Who was the most fun-loving and lively person on the sets? Everyone. Amrit Maan is a fun loving person in real life and his character was also very similar to his personal life. So there were many things that he did on the set and Neeru Bajwa and I would immediately burst into laughter. Who came late on the set? Nobody came late on set. Everybody always came on time. Please share with some moments from the film that you would never forget? The most memorable moment was when my birthday was celebrated on set. Even while shooting Manje Bistre, my birthday was celebrated on set with everyone. And now here on the set of Aate Di Chidi. This was the most memorable moment of my life. Out of all the films you've done, which is your favorite? All movies are my favorite. But there is always one character for which you are always remembered. I got recognition for my character in Nikka Zaildar as Shanti. So this character is the closest to me till date. Which is your favorite character in Aate Di Chidi? I loved the character of Sardar Sohi hi sir. Basically, he is the hero of the film. What kind of character do you like playing? Serious or a lively one? I want to do all kinds of characters in the film because there's a long way to go for me. Any other projects other than Aate Di Chidi? Yes. I have Marriage Palace, Ranja Refugee, and Lattu as my upcoming projects. Shoot for the upcoming films and a song will begin shortly. How did you get into the field of acting? I liked acting since childhood only. I participated in school and college drama. But before movies, I participated in Hasde Hasaunde Raho. After that, I started getting offers for movies and through Karamjit Anmol sir I got my part in Jatt and Juliet 1. Why should people go and watch Aate Di Chidi? People should definitely go and watch the film because the title os the film is very interesting. The star cast of the film is amazing. We as artists also are eagerly waiting for the film to release this film so we can show it to our families. What do you think about the future of Punjabi cinema? I want it to grow tremendously. Do you have any plans to go to Bombay? No, I don't have any plans as such of going to Bombay because even the Bombay people are coming to Punjab. And moreover we have a family here in Punjab and I don't feel like leaving my family and going to Bombay. What are other hobbies other than singing and acting? I only wish to ace the field of singing and acting. That's it. (Laughs)