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By Geetika Raleh . 27th October 2018 02:00pm

Gagan Kokri is a versatile Punjabi singer who has given numerous hit songs to the Pollywood industry. Despite being an Australian citizen, he has not left his Punjabi culture and ethics. His first Punjabi song was Hathyar which was released in 2013. But he got fame and success from his song series in which he sang three songs titled 'Blessings of Bapu', 'Blessings of Rabb' and 'Blessings of Bebe'. These songs were loved and appreciated by the audience very much. 

The ‘License’ singer is entering the world of films with his debut film titled ‘Laatu’. The trailer of the film has been released and it is a period film. It has been set in a time when electricity had been newly introduced to the people of Punjab. Electricity was considered a luxury then, and even if people had a bulb which they used to call a ‘Laatu’ then. 

The lead pair of the film is Gagan Kokri and Aditi Sharma. Gagan falls in love with Aditi but the problem comes when their families meet and Aditi’s father flaunts the luxury that he could afford but not Gagan Kokri's family- the luxury of having electricity.

Gagan Kokri then challenges and starts to get electricity in his village too. It will be an interesting thing to see how he gets the electricity. The filmmakers have chosen an interesting and intriguing concept for the film which is a perfect blend of humor, and seriousness.

The film has been directed by Manav Shah, and has been produced by Jagmeet Singh (Rana). Other than Gagan Kokri and Aditi Sharma, the audience will also get to see Karamjit Anmol, Anita Devgan, Sardar Sohi, Ashish Duggal, Hardip Gill, Harby Sangha, Rahul Jungral, Nisha Bano, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Parkash Gadhu, Malkit Rauni. The fill is releasing on 16th November.