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By Geetika Raleh . 24th December 2018 11:18am

Several songs release across Punjabi music industry on daily basis. However, only those make it to the playlists that have an essence of Punjabiyat along with the tune that captures hearts. Such tracks are played on a loop and often prompt the listeners to sway along with them. The singers of these songs are remembered beyond generations because of their sheer talent. One such singer who is set to rule the music industry like a true rockstar is Gaurav Goyal-aka- GG.

Gaurav Goyal (GG) has given his voice to this beat number and has also written the lyrics of the song. Music of ‘Rockstar’ has been composed by Juggy Gill under the White Hill Music label. The video of the song is by Kanika and Ajit Singh and this is a project by Shipra Pictures. Beautiful model Zumzet Helen is seen playing the female lead in the song. The song is shot at foreign locations including  Dubai.

At the release of the song, Gaurav Goyal (GG) said,

“We Punjabis love to live life, king size. Every Punjabi is a rockstar in his own life because there’s absolutely nothing that can bring their spirit down. My song ‘Rockstar’ will give them another reason to tap their feet to the tunes and beats. You can enjoy it with your friends and just let all the worries go. I really hope that people will shower their love on the song.”

Video makers of the song, Kanika and Ajit Singh said,

“Gaurav Goyal (GG) had written a song that resonated perfectly with the demands of today’s young generation. They want larger than life videos and songs they can tune in to whenever they want to relax and enjoy. Rockstar is exactly that song. Gaurav Goyal is a true performer and we had fun shooting with him. Our song’s female lead Zumzet is a beautiful person, that’s the reason she looked perfect in the video as well. We really hope the song hits the right chord with the listeners and viewers alike. ”

Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu from White Hill Music said,

“We at White Hill Music always try to provide a platform for talented and deserving artists. The label has had a successful run this year. Gaurav Goyal (GG) is a very talented singer-lyricist. He is a ‘Rockstar’ himself and it was only apt that he sings a song with such a title. We promise to continue giving out quality music and some really talented names to the Punjabi music industry. ”

‘Rockstar’ has already been released on official YouTube channel of White Hill Music on 20th  December 2018.