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By Siddharth Singh . 10th April 2018 10:30am

After Kapil Sharma's ex-girlfriend coming in alleging his present girlfriend for the actor-comedian's downfall. One of Kapil's most loyal and oldest friend has come in for the couple's rescue. Talking to the media he has been quoted saying; "I was out of town when that whole incident on Friday happened. When I landed my phone was flooded with messages asking if I knew what Kapil had done. I was panic-stricken. Ab kya kiya Kapil ne? It turned out to be worse than I had imagined." ALSO READ: KAPIL SHARMA’S ‘EX’ ALLEGES HIS PRESENT GIRLFRIEND FOR HIS DOWNFALL He immediately drove down to meet Kapil and here's what he has to say; "There were quite a few people. Kapil is now surrounded by so-called friends I don't recognize. His girlfriend Ginny is there with him constantly. Lekin uske ilava mujhe nahin pataa yeh log kaun hain (but apart from her I don't know who these people are)." Preeti Simoes, Kapil's ex-girlfriend has questioned on his mental health and stability on which his friend stated; "This is plain conjecture. We can't go around playing a psychiatrist. If you ask me, all Kapil needs to do is stop drinking and get rid of his new friends. Also the attempts to discredit his girlfriend Ginny must stop. Preeti says she is his 'new girlfriend'. Ginny is actually Kapil's old girlfriend whom he ignored for a while as his friendship with Preeti Simoes grew. Now he is back with Ginny. That girl has given up everything to be with Kapil. Amritsar mein apna ghar-dwar chhod aye hai (she has left behind her life in Amritstar)." Ace comedian's buddy believes Ginny is a "positive influence" on Kapil. "Ginny is being portrayed as this small-town rustic girl. In fact she is sophisticated and very intelligent. Most of all she cares deeply for Kapil. To suggest that she is making him do wrong things like posting abusive tweets about the media or calling up a journalist to threaten him, is doing Ginny great disservice. She doesn't interfere in Kapil's career and profession. She is not allowed to. Kapil does exactly what he wants to. Let's not blame the wrong person."