Punjabi music composer-singer Deep Jandu has been riding on success. He is one of the prominent music composers Punjabi music industry comprise. Thought the end of 2017 was not in his favour. He was alleged of copying Zwirek’s ‘Night In Dubai’, music for Nimrat Khaira’s single hit ‘Designer’, the infuriated international artist had also took it to his official Facebook handle quoting;

“You recognize this beat? yep thats my “Night in Dubai” beat copied note to note by this “talented producer” Deep Jandu (he blocked pining) as I read on his facebook this is not the first beat he have copied, yet he has 190k folowers, How talentless you must be to copy other beats1 to 1? I understand beeing inspired and try doing something similar but riping off everything and puting your credits on this? Have some dignity or call yourself reproducer not producer.”

Deep Jandu’s fans and loved ones were immensely hurt after the news got much media attention. At last, Jandu had to take it to his social media handle, where the composer-singer not only apologised but also had an explanation for it. Deep quoted;

“Sare sajjan mitaraan nu dowe hath jod ke fateh ji
12 saal da c jado ma music shuru keetha , 16 saal de vich peli album recording kitha c NACh . As a vocalist …and pichle 10-11 saalan ton ma music bana riya . Din raat menhat kar ke 2016-2017 de vich tusi mere kam nu bhut pyar ditaa …main ghato ghat 200-250 gaane daa music kitaa je 2-3 gaanyaa di beat same mil gyi jiss karke mere fans nu Dukh lagaa oss lai SORRY Magda Main Agge to ehnaa cheejaa da Dhyn rakhugaa je Tusi Support karoge taa puri mehnat naal kam karugaa je nai karuge Te chup karke JOB kr lawage … Din raat di mehnat Rabb di oatt ..Tuhada sab da pyaar. Te dil ton support . Ehna krke hi aa tuhada DEEP JANDU.”

It takes a lot of courage to admit one’s mistake. Well the acception was not only verbal but will also be visual. Yes! You read it right. Deep’s upcoming track is purely based on his music controversies. The teaser of the song has been just released and is trending on video sharing website YouTube.

The song has been titled as “Good life”, it also feat rapper Bohemia. Music to the melody has been given by Jandu himself. The video film of the song is a camera art work of prominent video director Sukh Sanghera. You can watch the official music teaser by clicking the play button on the featured image above.


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