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By Jasmeet Singh . 24th December 2017 12:30pm

The Punjabi music industry has got so many impeccable talents. The list continues in this article with more of top Punjabi singers and their achievements for the year 2017.

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja The queen of Punjab known to be the largest selling bhangra female artist in India. Her songs and live performances are totally mesmerizing. Miss Pooja has created a world record of shooting the most number of music videos by a singer. Added to her list of 833 videos, this year Miss Pooja released;
  • Pasand
  • Baar Baari Basi
  • Sohnea
  • Jeeeju
She was awarded Best Pop Vocalist at the 2017 PTC Punjab Music Awards.

Sidhu Moose Wala

being an inspiration to so many youths, his releases this year have been dope. his songs include;
  • G Wagon
  • Mustang
  • Bolyan
  • Approach
  • So High
  • Issa Jatt

Ammy Virk

Ammy Virk Ammy Virk is a true meaning of the word versatile. This year, the singer has displayed his talent as an actor in Nikka Zaildar 2 and Sat Shri Akaal England. He was awarded Best Actor for his 2016 film Ardaas at the Jio Filmfare Awards 2017. His hits for this year includes songs in his films and singles.
  • Qismat
  • Sargi
  • Hanju
  • Sindhoori
  • Zamindar
  • Gedha
  • Gaani
  • Kali Jatta
  • Jatt Da Kaleja
This year, the singer and actor left his fans thrilled. The coming year is sure to be a blast.

Jasmine Sandlas

Jasmine Sandlas Jasmine is an independent artist known for her epic live performances. She is the true representation of bold and beautiful. Her journey this year has been great. Besides several live performances, she has released the following songs.
  • Laddu
  • Bamb Jatt
  • Punjabi Mutiyaran
  • LV Di Jean
  • Vachari
  • Illegal Weapon

Amrit Maan

The man with the beard, Amrit Maan is always known for giving peppy and Jatt songs. His songs for the year include:
  • Guerilla
  • Bamb Jatt
  • Lalkara
  • Kaali Camaro
  • Ped Di Waashna (To be released December 29, 2017)

Kulbir Jhinjer

Kulbir Kulbir Jhnjer has indeed made the industry proud this year. As part of his achievements, he recently released a song titled 'Haseena' in the Hindi Language. Other songs in his 2017 collection include:
  • Deep Jandu
  • Pind (Sardar Mohammed)
  • Jind Mahi
  • Route

Harrdy Sandhu

Hardu Sandu When we talk about people who break records, Harrdy Sandhu is definitely one of them. He is the first Punjabi singer to have over 100 million views on YouTube for his song ‘Backbone’. His two songs Yaar Ni Milyaa and Naali are simply a rousing showcase of his talent. His 2016 song titled 'Horn Blow' was the most popular song of the year. He was awarded at the PTC Punjab Music Awards 2017. For more on Punjabi music icons, click here.