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By Navjot Bains . 12th June 2020 03:02pm

Finally the first film  that was supposed to get a theatrical release has landed on Amazon Prime in wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.  So let me review Gulabo Sitabo for you all.




Gulabo Sitabo is a quirky dramedy which follows the story of an elderly landlord Mirza Sheikh who tries to get his tenant Baankey Sodhi out of his priceless possession: his mansion which is in ruins. But Baankey is no less. He gives it back to Mirza and continues to live in his house without even paying the rent.

To get rid of Baankey, Mirza one day decides to sell his mansion. But Baankey with the help of an officer of the Archaeological Survey of India (Vijay Raaz) gets the mansion declared as a historical site. Now, what will come out of this chaos remains to be seen.


The story screenplay and dialogues are written by Juhi Chaturvedi  who holds a long time rapport with director Shoojit Sircar.  This is a really fresh story and a great idea to work upon. Juhi has always impressed us with her writing choices. Her last one October also got mixed reviews but the writing was its biggest strength.

Juhi takes you to her world effectively.  The pace of the film is slow but that helps you stay with Mirza and Baankey for a bit longer

There is only one feedback ,the film doesn't have layers it just focuses on its plot ,the subplots are less.

The final act is brilliantly written and is too unpredictable.  The film runs at its fastest pace in the final act had it been the case in the first two,  the impact would have been more.




1. Ayushmann Khurana as Baankey there is only one feedback.  In every film the first frame that he occupies  he occupies it as Ayushmann and then we get to know the character he is playing.  But it becomes difficult to believe his character after that .Otherwise he has done a brilliant job in potraying Baankey with full honesty.


2. Amitabh Bachchan from frame 1 holds his character and to what brilliance.  He is an exception . His performance is magical . If you see the way in which he has impersonated the character.  Look at the way he walks . There is a very brief scene may be 5 seconds long . He sits on a rickshaw look at the attention to detail that this actor has put in . The speech,  the comic relief. This actor loves his craft and it comes with experience.


3. Vijay Raaz as Gyanesh is brilliant as always.  His voice is so magical.  His expressions are to die for.


4. Brijendra Kala as Christopher is simply hilarious  . He makes his frames pleasant.


5. Srishti Shrivastava as Guddoo is amazing her diction, her swag the way with which she acts is superb.


6. Farrukh Jaffar as Begum is the cutest . Whenever she delivers a dialogue , she leaves a smile on your face.


All the other actors and supporting cast have lent great support.



This film is directed by the prominent director Shoojit Sircar and like always he doesn't fail to impress. He has created his world with utmost conviction.  He knows his craft well and like always he impresses with his skills.  The dilapidated mansion is beautifully captured by Avik Mukhopadhyay

He shows us Lucknow like never before.  His camera work deserves applause.  The art direction by Pradip Jadhav and set decoration by Harshvardhan Purohit is very appropriate and appealing.  The intricate details to the mansion are very good.  Prosthetics make up by Pia Cornelius looks natural.



"Kya leke ayo jag mein kya leke jayega . The film explains itself in one of its melodies.

You come from dust,and to dust you shall return "

Gulabo Sitabo has great direction, writing and outstanding performances. This is a content driven film . The novelty factor is at its peak.  It is not everybody's cup of tea but since it is streaming on OTT  so don't shy away from giving it a watch.


I'm going with 3.5 / 5