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By Siddharth Singh . 29th September 2018 07:00pm

In Punjabi entertainment industry we see a lot of artists promoting each other's work. Be it a song or a film, Punjabi artists always stood with solidarity in support of each other's work. This gesture is hard to find in any other regional cinema. 

Nowadays, there are a few writers which are garnering attention for all the right reasons. One such writer is Gurjot Singh Kaler and his work is appreciated by none other than the queen of Punjabi entertainment industry Neeru Bajwa. 
Gurjot Singh Kaler is a man with many talents. He's a blogger, author, writer, psychologist and a police cop. The man has come out with his new book titled 'New India: The Reality Reloaded'. The Picture was shared on the Instagram where Gurjot is seen posing with Neeru Bajwa. 
Gurjot Singh Kaler's this book is all about the loopholes and the main reasons behind the stopped growth in the development of this country. Gurjot has done a deep research on the same for around three years. Well, we must say that his efforts will definitely help in making people aware about this. Apart from Neeru, this book was also presented to Abhishek Bachchan, Pooja Bhatt and Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amrinder Singh.