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By Siddharth Singh . 8th June 2018 05:30pm

After forcing people dance on his Punjabi songs and music singer Guru Randhawa has finally revealed about his acting plans lately. The songster was being rushed for lot many requests to step into the field of acting, though he already has proved to be an ace in the field of singing. To that, the 'Lahore' hit maker stated that if ever given a chance he will for sure step into acting but, the only condition on his behalf, for the sake of acting he cannot compromise with his singing career.
Talking about Guru Randhawa's hit songs the list is quite long and would have to spare a lot of time to explain each one of it. Just to make you understand in an easy manner, you watch any of the Bollywood movies these days you will always have a Guru Randhawa hit number in it and more to it you will always have Guru in its music video as well.
When questioned about though he cannot compromise on signing but to tell more of his acting front, the 'High Rated Gabru' made a surprising revelation IANS,
"I have signed a film already. If everything goes well, it will be released soon. But I don't want to compromise on my singing or drop down its level to start acting."
Well, this for sure that Guru has a large appetite for all secrets we must say, further in his statement  Guru stated;
"I want to learn it first and take acting and singing hand-in-hand. It is very important to learn. And I try to learn from everything around me. I learn from travelling, even from interviews."
Guru's recent release 'Made In India' has been released and is trending on the charts. The song also features Iranian beauty Elnaaz Norouzi opposite the songster.

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