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By Admin Gabruu . 6th August 2018 01:30pm

Lyricist turned singer Happy Raikoti has penned down many wonderful and chartbuster songs in his music career. His songs have a strong meaning behind the soulful lyrics which make you listen to them again and again. The singer has released songs in various genres like Bhangra, romantic and sad numbers, but this time the singer has left us speechless with his recently released song "Stop Drugs". Happy Raikoti The title of the song is 'Stop Drugs' and is pretty well self-explanatory. It talks about the youth of Punjab getting addicted to drugs. The song begins with a mother whois recalling all her past memories of her son, one of them being when she used to threaten her son for not having a proper diet. This memory leads to a tragic truth about how her son got addicted to drugs. The scenario of drugs and drug addicts is so bad in Punjab that it is called the sixth river of Punjab. Through this song, Happy Raikoti has tried to enlighten the youth about drugs and their consequences. Infact the singer shared a post where he stated that

Eh Ik Geet Nai Ik Koshish Aa Je Eh Geet Nal Ik V Jana Nashe Karan Ton Hat Gya Tan Sanu Lggu Ke Asi Kuch Karan Ch Kamyab Hoe Aa
Well, we also hope that this song and the initiative of the whole team will be an inspiration for the youth to lead healthy and drug free lives.