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Happy World Oceans Day . 2020 might be a bliss for mother nature

By Navjot Bains . 8th June 2020 04:30pm
Happy World Oceans Day . 2020 might be a bliss for mother nature

World Oceans Day is an international day that takes place annually on the 8th of June. The concept was originally proposed in 1992 by Canada's International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD) and the Ocean Institute of Canada (OIC) at the Earth Summit – UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.World Oceans Day was officially recognised by the United Nations in 2008. The International day supports the implementation of worldwide Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and fosters public interest in the management of the ocean and its resources.

As we know that the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic, we are concerned only with public health risks and not of the ocean. But the ocean health somewhere is  tied to our health. According to UN, some organisms are discovered at extreme depths that are used to speed up the detection of COVID-19 and with this, we should learn that it is the environment only that could give a solution to humankind.



The day provides a unique opportunity not only in honouring but also in conserving and in protecting our ocean. Every year it is observed on 8 June,  to raise global awareness about the importance of the ocean in our lives and the ways through which we can protect it.


The oceans are the lungs of our planet; provide oxygen for breathing, a major source of food & medicine and a critical part of the biosphere. We know that the 3/4th part of our whole earth is full of water; it is our responsibility to save our ocean and marine life from the danger of global warming.


World Oceans Day 2020: Theme


 The theme for World Oceans Day 2020 is "Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean". 


The theme focuses on the Innovation that relates to the introduction of new methods, ideas, or products. This year the celebration will take place as a virtual event produced in partnership with Ocean Global.


The theme for World Oceans Day  2019 was “Gender and Oceans”.


The Theme of World Oceans Day 2018 was “Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean”.


Pollution through plastic causes severe harm to marine life.


- 80% of all pollution in the ocean comes from the land.


- Per year around 8 million tonnes of plastics end up in the ocean.


- Around 1 million seabirds and about 100,000 marine animals life per year are affected by plastic pollution.


So, it is obvious that fish eat plastic and we eat fish.



The concept of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the organizing principle for meeting human development goals while simultaneously sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depends . The desired result is a state of society where living conditions and resources are used to continue to meet human needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the natural system. Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.