Harish Verma

There is only one Jatt Tinka in the whole world and you already know who it is, Harish Verma. Having a rich theater experience, Harish Verma paved his way into acting. He rose to fame and became a household name with the 2011 movie Yaar Annmulle. He not only succeeded in acting but also earned a name as a singer. His last release ‘Yaar Ve‘ is one of his most hit songs. Obviously, Harish garnered a lot of fan following. And we all know, to what an extent a fan goes for their idol.

The actor-singer remembers one such incident where a fan put in him awe. Apparently, there is this one girl from the UK who is a die hard fan of Harish Verma. She never forgets to comment on every one of his picture and is also a constant follower of each of his songs and movies. A while back when Harish was shooting in Punjab for his upcoming flick ‘Thug Life‘ this fan decided to fly to India to meet him.

The girl was putting up with her friend and she had promised her to help meet with the actor. But it wasn’t easy. The turn of events was not on her side. The day she went to see her idol on the sets of movie, there was already a huge crowd. It became hard for Harish to meet up with the fans so he had to leave discreetly. As she found out that her dreams of meeting her idol has shattered, she broke. Her hours of wait had gone in vain so all she could do was cry.

After a while, when Harish found out about how one of his fans flew from the UK to meet him and has been waiting for hours, he took the hold of the situation. Then the hours only turned into joy. The girl got to meet her idol and even then she couldn’t stop crying. Well, maybe because she couldn’t believe her eyes that her dream was now a reality. The singer-actor still considers this as a biggest fan moment of his life.


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