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By Ritika Nath . 8th June 2018 11:00pm

Have you ever felt paralysed right after you wake up? According to studies, sleep paralysis is a very common condition in people of all age groups, especially teenagers. It can happen when you are going to sleep or right when you wake up. A person is unable to move his body, while only his eyes can move. Some people also experience sensitivity to light and sound during the paralysis. It can from a few seconds to minutes.

What happens during sleep paralysis?

A person experiences this condition when his body is going to sleep, or getting out of it. the body starts to relax, so do the muscles. But we stay aware of our surroundings since we can see everything. Some people might feel like getting choked during a sleep paralysis. They are not able to move or speak as the muscles become rigid.

Why does it happen?

While sleeping, our body goes through two phases- NREM(Non-Rapid Eye Movement) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). First comes NREM. When we begin to fall asleep, our body relaxes and we restore its energy. This takes up about 75% of total sleep duration. When NREM starts to end, our eyes start to have movement and we begin dreaming. This is REM. While our eyes keep on repeatedly moving, our body does not move. The total process generally takes about 90 minutes. If you become aware before the end of REM, you witness a sleep paralysis.

Is it a serious health problem?

In most cases, sleep paralysis is merely a disturbance in the state of sleep and wakefulness. It does not mean that you have a very serious health problem. But if it happens very frequently and makes you feel weak throughout the day, you should visit a doctor. Sleep paralysis can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying health problem like nacrolepsy and depression.

How can I treat it?

Majority of the witnesses experience a sleep paralysis once in a week. It does not affect their normal routine work. But if you are not able to sleep due to its anxiety, you should visit a doctor. Also, if you feel an energy drain throughout the day, you should get diagnosed. Otherwise, changing sleeping position from sleeping on the back will be helpful. You should also need to assure to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Inefficient and disturbed sleeping routine can be a major cause of the problem. If there is any activity that reduces your stress, start doing it on a daily basis, especially before going to bed.

Sleep is a very integral part of our health. Any disturbance in the sleeping pattern can be an underlying sign of a serious health problem. If it is hindering your routine, you should pay a visit to a nearby doctor.

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