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Here are 5 tips to enhance your look this winter season

By Geetika Raleh . 6th December 2019 09:00am
Here are 5 tips to enhance your look this winter season

Let’s all just admit the fact that whenever the winters arrive all of us get excited like a kid to refurbish our wardrobe. 

When fall turns to snow-white winter, layers of clothing become mandatory. More often than not, we often run out of ideas on how to level up our fashion game. You see, just because it is freezing outside does not necessarily mean that one has to give up on glamour. It simply means that one has to listen to their inner fashionista and put the lanes on fire.

So, these are the few tips on how to be the supermodel you were meant to be without compromising on warmth. After all, it's your ramp and you are going to rule it, no matter what!

Become a pro at layering clothes

Layering is basically one of the most practical ways to dress during winters. A turtleneck under a sweater, under a jacket definitely keeps one warm. Another way is to wear a pair of tights or stockings under ripped jeans and wear a fitting sweater over a long sleeve t-shirt.

Let your boots do the talking

Winter style should always include a pair of long boots which you can match with a short dress. Ankle-length boots can be worn with cuffed jeans or a dress. One can always rely on their boots when it comes to creating that 'oomph' factor.

Get a new look with tying a belt to the coat

However, after a couple of weeks into the winter season, there is a very high chance that you might start feeling bored of wearing coat every day. But there's a simple solution to this. Wear a belt over it and freshen up your everyday look.

Add a little fur

Adding a little fur to your fashion will only increase the oomph factor to your wardrobe. Find cool fur pieces, even mittens to give a chic look to your winter outfits.

Become the head turner with that perfect hat

Everybody thinks of coats and boots and gloves to keep warm during winters. But there's one accessory which can make heads turn when you enter a room or restaurant. Yes, we are talking about hats. They can be the masala needed to complete your amazing fashion dish. So go on, do your thing and don't be afraid to try out new things.