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Here are some morning hacks which will help you start the day full of energy & vigour

By Geetika Raleh . 16th February 2020 12:00pm
Here are some morning hacks which will help you start the day full of energy & vigour

Many people add a pinch of salt to their morning coffee which is one of the many ways which help people start their day easily and without any chaos. Other than being tasty, salted coffee helps people get rid of bitterness. Some people even add an egg in their morning coffee because it helps them start the day strongly and full of energy.

Here is a list of things you can try too for becoming a morning person.

Salt to coffee

Adding salt to coffee makes it taste better and stirs away the bitterness. It does not put on the calories, unlike the regular coffee. Just a pinch of salt is enough to get the taste.

Black tea with cinnamon

All the people who like coffee should also try a cup of black tea because it comprises caffeine and L-theanine which improves alertness and focus.

Add eggs in breakfast and even to coffee

As weird as it may sound, putting a yolk in the coffee enhances the taste and is even considered good for the body. Various studies have found that the people who consume eggs in the morning are more energetic. So the combination of eggs and caffeine is an energy booster.

Drinking a glass of lemon water

Drinking water after waking up improves mental performance. So one can also try lemon water which helps in digestion, hydration and even loss of weight because it contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C is excellent for skin and the immune system.

Early morning music

Music boosts happiness and reduces anxiety in the people. Therefore starting the day with the beat and happy tunes is the best way to uplift the spirits in the morning.

Eat nuts before leaving for work

Sweetened and unsalted nuts are considered a healthy snack to start the day with. These nuts are a great source of fat, carbohydrates and proteins which help in enhancing the energy at the start of the day.

Change the place of your alarm clock

Keep your alarm clock away from your bedside because to make it stop, you’ll have to step out of your bed. This way you’ll be out of your bed on time and will start the day instantly rather than procrastinating it.

Stand in the sunlight

It has been proven scientifically that natural sunlight enhances the mood and the feeling. The sunlight triggers the body which stops making melatonin, the hormone which makes us feel sleepy. Open the curtains of your room and let some sunlight in. Even better is standing out in the balcony to get that sunlight.

Bright colors

Surround yourself with bright colors because even the colors affect our mood. Selecting bright colors for bedding, pick bright colored dresses and you’ll instantly see a change in your behavior. 

Oatmeal breakfast

Various studies have shown that including oatmeals in breakfast boosts the energy making one feel full and starting the day on a good note. People who consume carbohydrates stay more alert during the day than the ones who don’t.