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By Mandeep Kaur . 11th October 2018 05:02pm

The Punjabi music industry has witnessed tremendous changes over the past few years and all the appreciations goes to our artists who have worked so hard to make Punjabi music so popular. Even the Bollywood superstars are making Punjabi audience groove to their songs.  And one of these stars is famous Bollywood playback singer Shipra Goyal who is making everyone go gaga on her recently released song Piche Piche for which she collaborated with  Punjabi singer and lyricist Alfaaz.

So let's talk about the top 4 reasons that are making this song so special:

1. Shipra Goyal 
This Indian beauty is known for her melodious voice and has been able to cast the magic spell of her voice over Punjabi audience also. She has sung this traditional song so beautifully that she has left everyone speechless with her acting as well as with her dance performance.

2. The lyricist of the song
Shipra Goyal and Alfaaz who have collaborated for a Punjabi song for the first time are looking too good together and we can't take our eyes off them. The lyrics of the song are written by Alfaaz himself who has maintained the essence of the old song very beautifully. 

3. Music of the song
The song is so high that the music given by the top-notch music director Intense has only made it more party song. Intense, the music director, who has worked with the well-celebrated singers of the industry has added more flavor to the song with his music.

4. Music Video
The last reason to watch this outstanding song is the music video that is directed by MG i.e Mehul Gadani.  The music video starts with Shipra Goyal who is enjoying her free time with close friends in a nightclub. That is when she suddenly realizes she lost her phone somewhere in the club. The way song and the music video complements each other is very amazing. 

Well, we think these reasons are more than sufficient to make you watch the music video of "Piche Piche". So, after watching the music video don't forget to tell us in the comment section what do you think about Shipra Goyal and Alfaaz's collaboration.