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By Siddharth Singh . 2nd January 2018 02:07pm

Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan has treated his fans this new year with the title and teaser of his first creative collaboration with helmer Aanand L Rai. The film has been titled "Zero" and features SRK as a dwarf. According to the director, the story celebrates the imperfections in one's life, which sounds quite interesting. The teaser depicts Khan portraying a vertically challenged man, dancing at a party. On casting Shah Rukh, Rai told IANS:

I had no option but Khan Saab because I needed an intelligent actor, who also can carry that happy-go-lucky attitude.
Like the way we say that perfect is boring, imperfection is much interesting... Our film is also celebrating the same. The story of the film is celebrating a perfect love story of two imperfect people.
Though the protagonist of the film is a dwarf but more than the physical disability of an individual, the story talks about the space of emotional incompleteness of our life.
The protagonist is being addressed as 'Paagal', 'Aashiq', 'Awaara' and what not in the teaser. Apart from it, the cute little dwarf Shah Rukh seems happy in his own world. Rai added;
In the last few years, there are certain terms that we are hearing a lot and we can see how people have become over-sensitive on things that earlier used to be taken on a much lighter note. For instance, body shamming. I am oversized and if my friends calling me 'motu', I will not take that to my heart and sulk over it.
Even my friends will not go to that extent to make me feel bullied or humiliated. But it is happening now. I think this is the story we should celebrate now, to realize that we all are incomplete, we all are imperfect, but if we can change our perspective, we can complement each other to make things complete.
The film will release on December 21 this year. Apart from King Khan the film also features Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, but nothing has been revealed about their parts as of now. The actors had last featured together in "Jab Tak Hai Jaan". What if the female actors also turn out to be vertically challenged in the movie? What's your take on that? Do let us know by commenting in the section below.
news courtesy: ians/business standard