Do you ever feel jealous by looking at long beautiful shiny and thick hair of Pollywood beauty Himanshi Khurana? Well, you would not feel envious anymore because here we give you tips of how you can also get beautiful hair easily. The first and the foremost tip is to have a proper and a well balanced diet which is inclusive of protein sources, like lean meats, pulses, and yogurt.

An expert says that the reason for not having lustrious hair is the excessive intake of sugar which impacts the hormones to a great extent. Another one says that including eggs in the diet is considered an important element because it contains biotin which has proven to enhance the growth of hair and nails. Eggs comprise of sulfur which creates collagen and keratin, two important elements for maintaining healthy hair.

So here we get to you few points which can help you in strengthening of the hair and having good, lustrious, long and beautiful hair.

For having healthy scalp

For having a healthier and a better scalp, one should eat fatty fish, walnuts and flaxseds which are rich in omega-3 fats. These also help in avoiding dry scalp and dandruff too.

For better strength

If the woman has yogurt and peanut butter, then she increases the chances of great hair and a better source of elasticity, because these eatavles are rich in protein.

For making the hair silky

Lean meats and tofu are two sources which are rich in iron and zinc. These are the minerals which are important for the growth and maintenance of smooth and silky hair.

For making the hair less brittle

Having broccoli, red peppers and oranges can help the hair from damage caused due to breakage. This is because these eatables are rich in vitamin C.

We don’t really know if Himanshi herself uses these products in her diet or not, but we assure you that you can definitely get long and beautiful tresses by including all these few important and essential food items in your diet.


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