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By Siddharth Singh . 2nd May 2018 07:30pm

Sikh history is enriched with sacrifice, valor, righteousness, service, love and what not! It has always been said by many scholars that the glory from the first master of Sikhs to the tenth, Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh and their disciples can simply not be penned down to its full extent. Just 550 years old, this religion in the present era is the fifth largest in the world. Sikhism has been inspiring humans from the roots of Punjab and today, many people from various lands, religions, castes, and creed, have adopted it. Such beautiful is this faith! Sharing bits from the Sikh history, prominent actor Himashi Khurana took it to her official Instagram handle quoting;

Baba ji ne jabar te julam de khilaf keha c na k dharam de khilaf......... Shri Guru gobind singh ji to vdi tyaag krn wali rooh rehndi dunia tak ni ho skdi .......deh dhaari guru v loka nu ehi sikhande bnda App kyu ni sikdaa......... Dhanwaad ohna da v oh sade Guru ..........ena pyaar nal pesh ayo v aap hi tuhada bnje insan tuhanu fkr hoi v Baba ji di mni Bus meri soch nu main 📝 notepad ch likhia
From the enriched history of "Sache Patsha" (True Master) to fake masters, Himanshi wrote thoughts of her heart in the note. With recent criminal cases being registered against various fake self-styled God-men and the recent conviction of Asaram and Ram Rahim this post of Khurana is an eye opener for all of those who follow such fake babas blindly. himanshi khurana On the entertainment front, her stepping into singing has made a lot of buzz already. If you were not living on Mars for the past weeks you might know that her debut song is called 'High Standard'. After ruling people’s hearts with her stints in numerous Punjabi songs, Himanshi has now blown away people with her singing. Seems like Himanshi was destined to be a singer as she began as medical student, took aviation for higher studies, became a part of famous music videos and eventually sang a song, where she solely features and proves that she can turn heads by herself.