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Hong Kong On The Brink Of Total Collapse; Streets Abuzz With Pro-Democracy Rallies

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 13th November 2019 01:39pm
Hong Kong On The Brink Of Total Collapse; Streets Abuzz With Pro-Democracy Rallies

The days of protests, marches and rallies on Saturday forced many schools and shopping malls to close down along with a large chunk of the railway network was also shut down. Police warn that the city is on brink of total collapse.

As it marks the five-year anniversary of the pro-democracy movement, many protestors stepped up with campaigns following roadblocks and destruction across Hong Kong city. The daily commuters are having a hard time due to the roads blocked with bricks, bicycles and other materials. This also set off the worst violence in five months of unrest.

For the railway network, several lines on the subway were suspended due to vandalism and this has affected almost 7.5 million people who daily commute using the trains.

Meanwhile, many of the protestors dressed in black and wore 'V for Vendetta' masks and were seen at the university campuses following the battle while police were firing tear gas and rubber bullets at them.


This happened due to the fact of the protest movement's new strategy of "BLOSSOM EVERYWHERE" in which small groups of people targetted several parts of the city for maximum disruption. Protestors initially confined their actions only to evenings and weekends but the matter escalated on Monday when a police officer shot an unarmed 21-year-old protestor, who further went into a critical condition.

In another incident, a masked person poured flammable liquid on a 57-year-old man and set him on fire, as he was arguing with the protestors. He was later hospitalized as the condition was critical.


China is facing the biggest challenge of ruling its territory of Hong Kong since it was handed back by the British Government in 1997; warns that tougher security measures required. However, the protestors are demanding their rights to freely elect the leaders and are not budging from their goal.

Instead of offering concessions, the country has responded with several warnings in order to curb freedom. The Chinese military is being set up and deployed in Hong Kong to end the ongoing crisis as it can affect the upcoming local district elections which are due on November 24th.

Still, many people believe that the solution to this crisis has to come from within rather than from outside. 

One of the protesters said,
"I don't think the UN can solve this problem, especially with the way the Security Council functions. We Hong Kong people want to deal with it by ourselves but with the help of the US, UK, and the international community."

Seeing the current situation, the Police force spokesman, Kong Wing Cheung shared,
"Hong Kong's rule of law has been pushed to the brink of total collapse,"

Right now, there are no further details shared whether there will be an intention to pass new laws in mainland China or in Hong Kong City to have a separate legal system under the constitution.