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Is The Vegan Diet Really Beneficial For You? Vegan Diet Pros and Cons !!

By Geetika Raleh . 21st August 2019 11:00am
Is The Vegan Diet Really Beneficial For You? Vegan Diet Pros and Cons !!

The vegan culture is a diet in which people don’t prefer eating animal products. They exclude eggs, meat, and dairy products from their meals. A vegan diet is a diet which includes only plant produce, and people switch to this diet for being ethical towards the environment. People who are on a vegan diet maintain the balance of nature by not consuming any animal produce. Some people also chose to be vegan because they don’t want to kill the animals or steal the calf’s milk for their own selfish purpose.

what is Vegan Diet

What Really is a Vegan Diet?

 A vegan diet is inclusive of legumes, grains and even seeds. Fruits and vegetables are also included in this diet, and even nuts and dry fruits. People who consume the vegan diet try to consume maximum proteins and nutrients in their diets to stay healthy. 

Best Vegan Diet

Despite all these, this diet may not be the best diet suggested by the experts. But before switching the diet to a vegan diet from a normal diet, there are some important pros and cons which you MUST know.

PROS (Vegan Diet Benefits)

The following are the Benefits of switching to a vegan diet.

A vegan diet includes food which is rich in antioxidants and helps in curing chronic health issues. This diet is also beneficial for problems like blood pressure and diabetes.

Being free of cholesterol, it contains very fewer fats and therefore reduces the chances of major health issues. A vegan diet keeps the heart and the body fit and healthy.

When a person decides to turn a vegan, he helps in protecting the animals and nature in turn. This also helps in reducing carbon footprints.

Vegan Diet Advantages

A vegan diet helps in controlling the food cravings and makes the person aware of the food he is consuming every day.

A person can lose weight more easily if he switches to a vegan diet, because with vegan diet few calories are consumed and the protein intake is increased.

CONS (Vegan Diet Harms)

The following are the disadvantages of the vegan diet.

Vegan Diet Disadvantages

Completely cutting off the animal products from the everyday diet leads to deficiencies in the body. The body needs calcium, omega3, other vitamins and minerals which it gets from the meat and the dairy products.

With the vegan diet, one really needs to depend on various other sources for getting the required nutrients. These alternatives might even strain the digestive system and start causing discomfort making the digestive system weak.

Vegan Diet Risks

In the process of saving the environment and the animals, one might end up feeling sick and weak by making unhealthy choices for the body.

You might not get the chance of visiting a new restaurant in your locality because even though they have purely vegetarian food, still, the chefs don’t cook the vegan style and this might disrupt your diet.

vegan diet health problems

Absence of proteins and minerals from the diet may increase the existing medical situations and may even lead to bigger and major health problems.

The vegan diet means less of calories, but if the necessary amount of calories is not consumed on a daily basis, instead of losing weight, one might actually gain some weight.

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