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By Anshika Ahuja . 22nd April 2019 08:00am

The fingernails are an important indicator of your overall health. If your nails are healthy then they will be smooth and hard without any dent. The colour of healthy nails is pink and consistent.

When your nails are weak, they tend to grow slower and have cracks on them. Our nails also get dry just like our skin and just like skin care solutions; there are nail care solutions too.

Your nails are the reflection of your overall health, it’s important to stick to a healthy diet if you want strong, fast-growing and healthy nails. A healthy diet includes eating a balanced diet which involves fresh fruits and vegetables, sources of protein and plenty of healthy fats.

Several nail care solutions are given below to help you enrich your nails with nutrients and proteins which will help your nails to grow faster and stronger without too much fuss.




1.      Always remember to apply a nail hardener or good quality base coat.

This may tend to give strength to your nails and would also help to avoid tearing of the nail or breaking of the nail and also cracking of your nail. It provides a layer of protection to the nails.

2.      Always moisturize your Nails

Always remember to moisturize your nails and your cuticles in order to maintain their nourishment. Moisturized nails are very strong and grow much faster than an unnourished nail.


3.      Nail polish remover

Try to use non-acetone nail polisher remover whenever possible. Acetone tends to dries up your nail and makes them more vulnerable to breakage and are too prone to get peeled off easily.


4.      Protect your nails

Whenever you are doing the dishes or cleaning the house make sure to wear rubber gloves in order to protect your nails from getting weak due to excess of cleaning aids on them or because of keeping your hands under water continuously for a long time.




1.      Never use clipper

Try not to use clippers if you want to shape your nails, instead, use nail fillers to give your nails a perfect shape.

Our nails are made up multiple layers of cells and by using a clipper, the layers of cells tend to break which weakens the strength of the nails. Thus, it creates damage in your nails.


2.      Avoid glue-on nails

The glue on artificial nails can make your nails weak and make them prone to breaking. The best option is to paint your nails with nail polishes which have comparatively fewer chemicals.

Look for water-based formulated nail polishes which indicate the sign of toxin free.

3.      Never peel your half broken nail

Peeling your half broken tend to break the layers of your nails which tend to weaken your nail which will later take time to grow hard and strong.




Lemon & Garlic

·        Take lemon juice and chopped garlic.

·        Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl and let it rest for 5 minutes.

·        After that, soak your nails in the bowl for about 10minutes.

·        The lemon juice has the quality to improve the quality of the nail, it makes your nail look more attractive while being stronger and growing faster. It also exfoliates the cuticles and makes your nail look smoother.

·        After soaking for 10 minutes, rub your cuticles with the same garlic pieces.

·        After this, wash your nails and soak them dry.

·        The last step is to massage your cuticles with coconut oil for some time.

·        Coconut oil has the capacity to softening and moisturizing your nails. It provides the required nourishment to nails for its growth.



·         Take some amount of paste in a bowl and add a spoon of lemon juice to it.

·         Mix the ingredients well.

·         This mixture helps to cleanse your nails in a very effective way and also help to get rid of the yellow pigment on the nail quite easily.

·         Apply this paste on the nails and clean it using an old brush, this method helps in cleaning your nails quite easily.

·         Then wash your nails with normal water.

·         After this, moisture your nails with the help of the following method.

·         Take a tbsp of Vaseline in a bowl, and then add a spoon of olive oil to it and one tbsp of Vitamin E oil or capsule.

·         Mix the ingredients well and apply this serum by massaging it for around 5 minutes. Use this method daily before going to bed.

·         This method helps to strengthen your nails and make them long and strong.



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