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By Anshika Ahuja . 6th April 2019 08:30am

It is that era where age doesn’t matter to the level of stress you are going through. Not just the elders but also the youngsters are dealing with a high amount of stress. Everyone’s is seemed to be stressed amount something or the other thing in their life.
Students have the stress of their studies and parents are stressed for how to provide good education to their children. The youth is stressed because of the lack of opportunities and also because of their lifestyle.

The lifestyle has a great effect on the level of stress one goes through; even if you live a simple life you may still have some kind of stress running in your mind. 
Not just stress, Depression is also a very common problem among the youth these days. Depression is not a thing which can be cured with just medications it needs more to heal. Medications will do their work but love and attention are necessary to catalyze the process of healing. Due to the lack of either of the two in your life can make you feel depressed.
There are several methods through one can cure stress and depression but one of the major methods is MEDITATION.

Meditation is one of the best cures for stress and depression. Meditation helps to slow down the effects of depression on your mind. 
One should practice meditation on a daily basis to safeguard themselves from the negativity of the outside world. Meditation is not a method, it is a practice which should be followed to avoid the negative vibes from outside world to affect you emotionally and physically. Meditation not only supports your emotional growth but also helps to look younger. 
Thus, to stay fit and healthy; emotionally and physically it is important to have a routine which includes meditation.

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