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How will life look after the pandemic?

By Navjot Bains . 4th October 2020 12:00pm
How will life look after the pandemic?

Seeing new faces, hugging,  kissing,  shaking hands has become an old ritual in recent days.  The coronavirus pandemic is really testing our patience and getting on our nerves. So many people lost their lives and many are battling with the deadly virus.  All we are hoping for is the innovation of a vaccine..


But how are we going to leave our new normal after the virus  let's find out.


1. We spent more than enough quality time with our loved ones in this lockdown  be it our parents,  partners,  pets, kids etc.  When life will be back on track and we'll all get back to our different walks of life . How will these loved ones cope up with the feeling of separation.


2. The comfort of Working from home, well it might be a curse for many but those who are enjoying this won't feel easy to get back to work after the lockdown.


3. We will unmask the world.  Well curiosity and a weird feeling is what we feel when we see someone masked up. Well we are waiting for the day when we get on the roof top together and throw our masks away.


4. Obesity is our new normal. Bumping into a gym again was  not only unwanted but a highly ignored thing. But as things get back to normal people will become health conscious , to all the gym managers . WAIT , money is coming your way.


5. Adjustment and cooperation

These two adjectives were the most practiced during the lockdown.  People helped each other in completing household chores like cooking, washing clothes etc. Hope this one habit stays intact even after the lockdown.