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Iconic former CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha would have been 71 years today

By Geetika Raleh . 5th December 2019 01:44pm
Iconic former CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha would have been 71 years today

Former CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayaram Jayalalitha passed away on 5th December 2016. Amma (Mother) or Puratchi Thalaivi (revolutionary leader) would have been 71 years old today. 

Having started her career as an actor, Jayalalitha worked in more than 140 films in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada film industries, respectively. Even though she started as a performer, soon she realized that her fate lied elsewhere.

Her onscreen fame paved her way into politics. After becoming the opposition leader in 1989, she fought her first elections in 1991 & became the youngest Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Throughout her political career, her contribution during the times of crisis was vital, making her a household name all over.

Her strong views against discrimination meant that female infanticide was abolished including many other such social evils. Amma's work for the poor made sure that she had a long and fruitful political career in which she led AIADMK from the front and was the CM of Tamil Nadu for 14 years in total. 

Jayalalitha’s demise left Tamil Nadu politics with a power void that has not been filled till date. The history repeated itself when, just like her, two factions had to fight off each other to take control of the party. This shows the calibre of one of the three most fierce some women in Indian politics after Indira Gandhi and Mamta Bannerjee. Whether we'll see another powerful women politician in the future or not is yet to be seen, however, no one can fill the big boots of 'Amma'.