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In the rising trend of memes, PM Modi's cheeky reply puts a Twitter user in shock

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 26th December 2019 04:54pm
In the rising trend of memes, PM Modi's cheeky reply puts a Twitter user in shock

PM Modi surprised his followers when he replied to a Twitter user who informed him about his photo being used as a source of memes.

December 26, 2019: This day marks the event of Solar Eclipse which occurred in the morning today and was mostly seen in the southern states of India, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. 

Being enthusiastic about the Solar Eclipse, PM Narendra Modi tried to view the event with a special set of safety glasses but he was unable to get a glimpse of the same as the national capital was covered with a thick fog along with cloud cover. However, he managed to view the live coverage of the Solar Eclipse via an online stream from Kozhikode. 

On this, the Prime Minister posted a tweet along with few photos,

The tweet has almost received over 90K likes and 8k retweets since the last five hours (while writing this post) and one twitter user with the name 'GappistanRadio' retweeted with a comment "This is becoming a meme". 

This came as a surprise for the user when PM Modi himself retweeted 'GappistanRadio' user's tweet and said "Most welcome.... enjoy :)"

and in response, the twitter user replied "Wait... What" and we think he is still in shock or over-excited. 

Talking about the Solar Eclipse, it occurred today and began around 8:17 am in the morning and continued till 10:57 am. It also holds religious importance in Hinduism as special prayers were offered on the day and many people also avoid eating anything during the eclipse.

Hope you have already got a glimpse of Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire. Do share with us your experience of the same.