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By Gagan Bhullar . 10th September 2018 04:03pm

Generally, Punjabi artistes are shy talking about their personal lives in public. In fact, there are hardly any celebrities that reveal their families and love lives to their fans and media. And those who do, well, they become our favourites. Just like the beautiful jodi of Punjabi singers Garry Sandhu and Jasmine Sandlas. Jasmine Sandlas is one fierce lady, we all know that already, and she has been quite vocal about being in love with the Yeah Baby singer. Remember how we had told you that she had spoken about it on a radio show. BREAKING NEWS: IT’S OFFICIAL! THIS GUY MAKES JASMINE SANDLAS ‘BLUSH’! Garry Sandhu or his name features in most of her social media posts and the fans absolutely adore this bond. However, this time Jasmine's post has left us wondering if all's well in the love nest. Recently, Sandlas posted a Snapchat story where her mother is seen sharing some words of wisdom. Well, now we know where Jasmine gets her no-holds-barred attitude from! Senior Sandlas can be seen sharing her thoughts with both Roseleen and Jasmine about her definition of love. She is a protective mother and has really opened up about what she feels about Jasmine-Garry jodi. She is prompt to say that love needs no words. It can be expressed with actions and if it's making you cry, it's not worth the efforts. While Roseleen is trying to defend Garry Sandhu, looks like Mother Hen has no ears for excuses.   What has come as an addition to these Snapchat stories is Jasmine's latest Instagram post. [video width="640" height="800" mp4="https://www.gabruu.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/39866115_1897085617005451_5377141356277792768_n.mp4"][/video] She is telling how she and Roseleen have given 'epic' advices about Boys and Relationships to her close friend, Rabia. And once again, Senior Sandlas makes a comeback with her savage replies,

Advice is the easiest thing to give but it's the hardest to take.
Absolutely, right! And Jasmine Sandlas rounded the conversation with,
Well, don't take my advice because I take my man back every time.
Well, this definitely calls for either some clarifications or some sweet gestures from Garry Sandhu to let #JaRry fans take a sigh of relief. Meanwhile the audio of Sandhu's next track Tutya Garoor is out and we are moved. We really hope that the lovebirds make up quickly and keep us entertained with their mushy-mushy moments.

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