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By Ritika Nath . 19th June 2018 05:00pm

After its grand success in 2004, Disney Pixar’s Incredibles has made a comeback this year with the superhuman family. But this time it gets better! One Bollywood star has joined the Incredible family. It is Dilwali Kajol, who has given voice to the character of Elasticgirl in Incredibles 2. The comic character has the superpower of stretching to an extraordinary extent of 300 feet in the movie. [caption id="attachment_39922" align="alignnone" width="800"]kajol in inredibles 2 Source[/caption] While talking about her experience in the movie, Kajol confessed that although she hates dubbing, but the amazing script of Incredibles 2 made it a very fun and exciting experience.

I don’t like dubbing for myself, it is the most painful and boring process. If you are dubbing for yourself then it is bad and if you are doing for somebody else then it is twice as worse. But at the end of it, I was like it was great fun. To dub for Elasticgirl was very exciting.
Kajol also added that such movies give us a message in a humourous way. anyone and everyone can watch and enjoy such movies. "What I like most about these films is they are giving out the right message but in a humorous way. It is an intelligent film and it is meant for everybody. There is no age limit to it," she added. [caption id="attachment_39923" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Kajol as Elasticgirl Source[/caption] She also talked about her love for books. She said that she loves reading books and it is impossible for her to put down a good book. In the same way, a script should have the characters which are unique. This is how she chooses a movie for herself. She also mentioned that reading is much more than just passion for her.
I love reading. It is my passion, hobby and meditation. I believe a good script should be like one of those books that you read till 4 am and you know you have to get up at 7 am and go to work. It is a book that is unputdownable. And the character should be like that you build and make something amazing out of it. I don’t think whether I am the main lead or have enough to do in the film or not, whether it’s two scenes or half a scene to do, it should be of a kind that leaves a strong impact.
Kajol’s last project was with Dhanush in a Tamil movie Velaiilla Pattadhari 2. Now, she will make a comeback with her latest movie Eela. in the movie, she will be playing the lead role of an aspiring singer and a single mother. The movie is based on a Gujarati play Beta, Kaagdo and will hit the screens on 14 September. For the latest Pollywood and Bollywood updates, keep on reading on Gabruu.com!