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By Geetika Raleh . 1st November 2018 12:00pm

One of the best ways to heal any wound is to listen to a song which can truly touch your heart. But in the modern times, there is an artist in the Punjabi industry who sings with his heart, and this is the only reason why his music has the power to instantly touch the soul of the person. Well, that singer is none other than Kanwar Grewal. He is a singer in the Punjabi music industry who is still stuck to his roots even in this modern time. His music has been ruling the hearts of everyone with its Sufi touch.

But have you ever thought how a Sufi song would sound if it gets a musical twist to it? It probably is even hard to imagine something like this. But then this is the magic of the music today.

Well, Kanwar Grewal had recently shared the poster of his new song on his Instagram handle. The song is titled ‘Vaaj’ and the singer will be releasing this song in collaboration with Deep Jandu who is the famous music director known for his funky and dance beats. When the poster was out, we could not even imagine what the song would be like. This is also the first time that the two ace artists in the Punjabi music industry are collaborating.

But now that the song has been released, we are amused much at how beautifully the song has been presented by the two singers. The song narrates that no matter how much soever fame and success a person gets, he should never forget his connection with the God Almighty.

Basically, it can be said that ‘Vaaj’ is the perfect blend of Kanwa Grewal’s Sufism and Deep Jandu’s swag, which makes this song on point.

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