Kaur B

The relationship between a fan and an artist/idol is a very inestimable one. It is a kind where the idol doesn’t necessarily have to know each and every one of his supporters. And a fan can go to any extent to show their love to their idols. From tattooing their name to writing long letters and going places afar just to meet them, it is one sweet love story.

A similar case came to notice of singer of Kaur B. Only, it was extreme. One of Kaur B’s fans took a bit of the harsh road to show their (gender and name unknown) love for her. Seemingly, the fan wrote the singer’s name with blood. The crazy fan even took pictures of it and the weapon with which s/he cut his/her finger. S/He then posted it on social media and Kaur B found out about it.

The singer was heart broken after seeing it. In a sad social media post, she urged her fans to not do this kind of act. She said that she loves her fans but their parents love them much more. Before they even think of doing anything of this sort they should think about them. This is what she wrote,

“Omg😢 Main Aapne Fans nu Bhut Pyr krdi an Te Mainu Pata Tuc Saare V Bhut Pyr krde o🙏Bt j Sachi Mainu Dilo Pyr krde o Te Edha Da kam Kise ne nyi krna kadi v😢🙏 Mere to Pehlan Tuhade Mom Dad aa jo tuhanu Bhut Pyr krde Te oh Edha Kadi nyi Dekh Skde Aapne bachea nu😔🙏Mainu Sachi Aa sab Nyi Psnd Bhut Respect aa mere dil ch Tuhade lyi Umeed krdi an Meri Eh Gl Mannoge Thx4 LvnRespect Karan bt Nxt Tym Edha ni Karna Raje Plz #GBU 😇🙏🙏 !!”

Kaur B



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