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Kerala govt declares coronavirus a 'State Epidemic' with 3 confirmed cases

By Geetika Raleh . 4th February 2020 11:53am
Kerala govt declares coronavirus a 'State Epidemic' with 3 confirmed cases

Within a matter of weeks, the number of cases of coronavirus in China and around the world has increased rapidly. In India, 3 cases have been confirmed in Kerala who had returned from Wuhan on Monday. Health Minister, K K Shailaja confirmed that the student has been kept in isolation at the Kanhangad district hospital, Kasaragod.

The condition of the student is being said to be stable. A total of 104 students were tested for coronavirus and 3 out of them tested positive. The two students who were previously tested positive for the deadly virus have been sent to Thrissur and Alapuzha district.

The Health Minister has also made it very firm that the ones who have been confirmed with the virus should stay at home and should avoid public gatherings and events and should not step out of their houses during the incubation period. The incubation period is of 28 days.

With three cases of coronavirus, the Kerala government has declared the epidemic a state calamity. This has been done to take the necessary steps to control the outbreak.

As of today, 2,239 people who traveled to China and other coronavirus hit countries are under surveillance in Kerala. Among them, 2,155 are under home arrest kind of situation which prohibits them from moving out for safety purposes. 84 others have been admitted to the hospitals.

Ever since its outbreak, coronavirus has become the cause of death of more than 360 people in China. This was confirmed by the health authorities on Monday. The total number of cases of coronavirus in mainland China was 17,025. The number drastically increased by 2,800.

To date, over 180 cases have been confirmed outside China and the majority of them have a direct link to the country. Due to this, many countries have also started canceling their flights to China and from China.