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By Gagan Bhullar . 9th February 2018 07:15pm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMhs9yDpwRU Sandeep Singh, the former Indian Hockey team Captain, is the subject of a film titled Soorma, we all are aware. Well, Diljit Dosanjh is playing the titular role, is also an old news. The latest update from squad Soorma is Sandeep Singh's talks with a leading daily where he spoke about the knitty-gritty details of the film at length. Sandeep Singh has graced Indian Hockey with his impeccable game and team leading skills. His success came along with a lot of struggles that needed to be told to the world. Soorma, that stars Diljit Dosanjh as the hockey ace, is being directed by Shaad Ali of OK Jaanu fame. The Hockey legend, who had to sit for hours to narrate his own story, revealed that he is happy to be the subject of a film. He was quoted saying,

"Actually, in the beginning, it was unbelievable. It was just like how in Haryana and Punjab people come to you and promise to take you overseas. You start daydreaming about spending your days as a permanent resident abroad. I also started dreaming about my film and story. That time only the movie based on Milkha Singh had come out. So, I also used to think that soon there will be a film on Sandeep Singh, people will get to know about me. I felt really good."
Singh sat for almost two hours with the producers to tell them about his journey in Hockey, which people thought was all glitz and glam. However, there's more to the tale than just the success, said the legendary sportsman, and the film will bring his tragedy to the forefront. What has caught our attention, really, is that Sandeep did not want the leading men of Bollywood, the Khans or Akshay Kumar to play the character. Talking about the same, he said,
"I did not want the film to go to a big star, be it Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar or Aamir Khan because they would not have suited the part. People would have made a joke about the film and their look. Not that they cannot play the part but they would not have been convincing as Sandeep Singh. So, I wanted that even if it is a beginner in Bollywood, he should be able to portray the role as real as possible."
Talking about the Punjabi lad, Diljit Dosanjh, playing him on-screen, the superjock commented,
"Diljit paaji debuted in Udta Punjab. We always had him in our mind but we also thought that people, apart from those living in Punjab, might not be well accustomed with the actor. He was not yet famous in Bollywood. So, we were prepping up the story. Meanwhile, Diljit had picked up his momentum in Bollywood and was becoming the rising star of the industry with songs, films coming back to back. He is a real Singh, a Sardar. Usually, a Sikh is laughed upon. Now, even he is a star."
Sandeep Singh's story, his struggles and glory, will hit the theatres this June and also stars Taapsee Pannu in a leading role.

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