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By Siddharth Singh . 17th October 2018 05:30pm

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is one of the few SRK movies which left a joyful impact in our hearts. The film which completed the 20 years of its release, taught us one simple lesson- Love is friendship (pyaar dosti hai). It still seems to be a yesteryears thing. So, as the film has completed 20 years, Karan Johar held a special event for all his friends from the industry so we have picked a few highlights for you, have a look;  

On the very special occasion of the 20th-anniversary celebration for the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (KKHH), the lead actor of the film, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said on Tuesday that initially, director Karan Johar narrated a ‘crap story’ but he signed the film because of the conviction of the director.

“I never listen to scripts, I listen to the heartbeats of the people I work with at times millennial chat with me and say things like why you let go of that script that was such a great script. Till date, I never understood a script. And I can say this with confidence that I never understood the script but the script maker or the filmmaker,” Shah Rukh said in presence of the cast crew and the media as part of the celebration of the 20 years of KKHH.

He went on adding, “Karan came and narrated an utterly nonsense crap story to me; which is certainly not the one that finally you people saw in the film. In his strange way Karan, the man with many words tried to impress me with his crap story. So yes, I really did not understand the story when I signed in. and I am glad that I did not get into the story and just went ahead with the conviction of Karan, otherwise the film would have not been the way it came out.” He added that the film feels creepy now for his kids AbRam, Suhana and Aryan.

At the event, Rani narrated how Shah Rukh’s first son, Aryan, was born right after they finished shooting for a song from the film, Koi Mil Gaya. She said she remembers playing with Aryan after shoots and others complimented Shah Rukh on making good-looking babies. She also revealed how Karan would snatch plates of food off her hands on film sets to keep her from gaining weight for a particular scene in the film.

Alia Bhatt sent a video message to share her best memory of KKHH. While sharing the story of how rejecting the film was one of the best contributions from her end to make the film a super hit, Twinkle also quipped about how that decision was one of the best career gifts to Rani Mukherji who eventually played the character of Tina in the film.
Varun Dhawan had a question for SRK which was bit nostalgic to know how he always mantained to grace the wet hair look in the film and that too with a bounce. 
Released in 1998, the film won National award for Best Film For Providing Wholesome Entertainment along with several other awards. With colorful postcards and written some popular dialogue on them like Pyaar Dosti Hai, “I don’t like jokes. I don’t like you” and many more that takes a 90’s kid to the joyride of nostalgia with Rahul and Anjali; a social media booth for celebrities, which was a replica of The Neelam’s Show from the film- the evening was not only glamorous with the presence of stars but also filled with beautiful memories of the film.

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