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By Geetika Raleh . 22nd September 2018 03:35pm

Jasmine Sandlas has been promising to release her new songs soon, but that soon doesn't seem to come anytime soon for the singer. But to be honest, she is not to be blamed for the delay of the releasing date of her songs. The singer had to launch her album on 4th September but did not launch it.

In her stories, she also shared with her fans that her new song 'Patt Le Geya' will be releasing on 28th September, and if everything goes right then she will be launching 'Whiskey Di Bottle' on 15th October and 'Bagavat' on 1st November. She might even release the entire audio of the album on 1st November, along with Bagavat.

But she's not the only one who works on her songs. Her music directors, Hark and Intense, have been warned to finalize her songs so that's he can start the shoot of those songs. But all of this anger was in a friendly manner, after all, they play an important and a major role in forming and finalizing her songs.

She said, "I was supposed to launch the album on 4th September, and now its October. Anyway, assi rukhan waangoo khade rhe, tussi mausam wangoo badal gaye. All this is only for Intense. Hark is a good guy, but Intense got more fame and name. But I love you guys, please deliver my masters so I can shoot the videos."

She was also in conversation with two girls who were the dancers in the music video of Patt Le Geya. Both of them seemed extremely happy and excited for the video to release. They said that the video is very nice and they were also speechless after seeing the video. They said that whoever sees the video would not be able to get enough of the song in just one go.

Well, Jasmine, we are really looking forward to your songs because of all the hype and behind the scenes, you have shared with us previously. And we also wish that everything goes well so that all your plans are well executed as you want.