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By Simran Kashyap . 21st June 2018 05:30pm

KOHINOOR LYRICS - Kulwinder Billa

Song: Kohinoor Singers: Kulwinder Billa Musicians: The Boss Lyricists:Ricky Khan, your face is so beautiful than the moon, you look nakhro kohinoor. You look at our eyes. Look at what was the day when I told you to become my life and God created you. When x (2) all Your suit has got a perfect fit, all the floppings have already happened before you used to know which of the news and the use of misery. Hooda's duty is to use the kit. Khan found a day when God was telling you my life as Ni made a day when my soul was telling Ni posing God made you a while the boss! For the sake of you, you should go to a Weekly Saloon. You need to wear a cut. You will not cut your beauty. Even Missed World Position even fewer number of mistresses. You also get less fondness by sitting on face. You have created God, when x (2) is not blacked by the festivities, it is very difficult to swear; Goddess swears with your rick. Take your fittings and tell me what is going on and find out more Q Exactly shredded skeleton finds loot, who thought our calm nakharo Ni found in Coca nose Ni posing Did you tell God when my life made a shredded when x (2)

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