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By Ritika Nath . 3rd November 2018 09:00am

The much awaited festival is here. We look forward to this day of lights all year long and once its round the corner, all we can think of is diyas and patakhas. But this year, let’s celebrate Diwali a bit differently, in a better way.

The tradition of Diwali celebration is well-known to everyone – cleaning and lighting the house, distributing sweets to the near and dear ones and most importantly burning crackers. However, this time let’s join hands to change the definition of this auspicious day. This Diwali, we have some ideas for you to make the inner darkness be fully destroyed with the good deeds.

Take a look

·    Visit an orphanage and make your day joyful with those innocent smiles all around.

·    Instead of lighting just a diya at home, light up the life of a poor.

·    It’s always better to personalise the decorations. Just spend some minutes on hand-made art and crafts. DIY YouTube videos come ready for your rescue.

·    Spreading some love at the old age homes can fill up your heart with love and positivity too.

·    Light a Diya more this Diwali. Just add more Diyas and lights on those ledges and walls.

·    Go out and meet those old friends. Diwali is the best time when everyone’s home and is an opportunity to go meet the ones you haven’t met for so long.

·    Spend more time with your family than with the gadgets.

This festival of lights has its own charm and brings joy to each one of us for a variety of reasons. Opting for an eco-friendly is the goal from a long ago but this time let us alter the celebration not for ourselves but for others.