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By Kirti Pathak . 25th August 2019 06:00am

College life including campus, fun sports canteen, bunks, crushes, birthdays and the heavyweight exams, was the best part of life with the most memorable moments. Busy in the professional life we all think if we could get back those days. Most of us would be ready to go back to college to attend those boring lectures if we got a chance, which we once disliked. There are numerous memories we miss so we have few of them today for you to revive those beautiful days.

Bunking the class:

Bunking classes was the best part of the college which nobody can forget. There are always a few people in the group who were always ready to bunk the classes. The short span in which the teacher for the next lecture arrived, they would convince the whole group to slip out of the class. With all the stupid reasons and common dialogues – ‘Abhi bahut time pda hai exams ko aaram se syllabus khatam krenge’ , ‘Kuchh samajh ni ata yaar kya krna class lagake’ , ‘Hum group study se padenge’. After all the efforts, the moment you leave the class, and the teacher arrives, each one was so smart to walk ahead with full confidence without giving a look to the teacher.

And today we wish if we could get those days back!

Last day exam preparation

Everyone is mater in calculation the time left for exams and the chapters left from the syllabus. Once or while everyone did that on the last day of  the exam to get ready for it like a boss, and if there  was a bit of extra time left, then the decision will be to study later .  The highest scorers feared that exam should not come out of the syllabus where others used to worry that roll no should not come on the front seat. 

Bizarre Birthday Celebration

College celebrations which were the very sweet and sophisticated in childhood including cake cutting with candles are a changed concept in college.  In college the celebrations turn into cake smashes, birthday bumps, everyone hitting with those cold drink rains. And then there is a demand for a good party in a hotel which one can definitely not deny because the one you did the same on your friend’s birthday party.

The moment you become professional you miss all of these moments.


Tolerating the boring lecture

 To attend the boring lectures was the most difficult task and the hardest part was to keep your eyes open when you were extremely sleepy. To stay awake then everyone was out with a new creative idea, like poking each other with pens, drawing something on the benches with chalk or pens, playing games on phone or the cross zero game in a notebook, passing comment about the teacher, secretly washing your crush or throwing paper chits to friends. There are innumerable moments like this in which many discovered their creativity in a boring lecture

Fun with close friends

All of us miss the precious moments spent with our friends with all the baseless jokes, nonsense talks, crush moments, teasing your friends and a lot more. The moments when you can just understand what your friend is saying from his or her expressions, and the times you know your friend better than anyone and you can boost it, or when you can say the crush of your friend bhabhi or jiju is the priceless moment. Those were the sweetest times and memories which we all cherish and will miss throughout our life.

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