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Let's salute the courage of men in uniform on Armed Forces Flag Day

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 7th December 2019 12:13pm
Let's salute the courage of men in uniform on Armed Forces Flag Day

Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated every year on December 7 to honor the men in uniform like soldiers, airforce members and navy sailors of India who fought with their bravery and courage to protect the Nation's pride

December 7, 2019: On this day, funds are collected from the general public for the betterment of Armed Forces members and in return, they distribute Indian flags, batches, stickers, and related things. This day has been observed every year since 1949 to commemorate and honor the martyrs, soldiers, airmen and sailors of India for their bravery and courage who have fought on the borders to safeguard India's pride.

The Armed Forces Flag Day fund includes:

- Special fund for the War disabled and other serving personnel including ex-servicemen
- Flag day fund
- Kendriya Sainik Board fund
- Indian Gorkha Ex-servicemen welfare fund

The Flag Day also signifies that it is the prime responsibility of the civilians to take care and protect the families and dependents of the armed forces personnel who stay at the borders protecting the nation. 

There are three basic purposes which the Flag Day is observed for:

1. Rehabilitation of the battle casualties
2. Welfare of the families who belong to armed forces personnel
3. Welfare of ex-servicemen and their families with the provision of resettlement

On this day various events are arranged by the branches of Indian armed forces - Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy. They set up a variety of shows, carnivals and other programs for the general public to showcase their efforts and duties towards National Security.