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By Gurpreet Kaur . 31st July 2018 09:30pm

From being a Punjabi singer turned actor to making it to Bollywood, Jassie Gill opens all about his journey from Pollywood to Bollywood. For Jassie, it was just a call away moment because he literally got a call from one of the units of Mudassar Aziz who informed him that the Aziz wanted to meet him and discuss a project. It was that call which was Jassie's ticket to Bollywood. The director told him that his look in the song Nakhre impressed him and that was the reason why he wanted to cast Jassie in one of the big Bollywood projects. He auditioned for the role and the next moment he was in the film. It was like his dream taking the shape into reality and him being witness to all of this happeing to him. He shares, "I was excited, obviously; the film is backed by a known production house, it has the best director, a dream star cast and I had a great role in it, it wasn’t getting any better." Jassie got the role of a Sardar n the film and it was another dream that turned into reality because he always wanted to portray the role of a Sardar in his films. The best part for Jassie was that he very well knew how to tie a turban. For him, it was like a spiritual routine which was also gratifying. Talking about his first day he shares "I was nervous, I was really nervous but I felt a sense of belongingness once I landed on the sets and got talking to Sonakshi, Jimmy ji everyone around. Our director, Mudassar Aziz put me at ease, and so did the cast." The next battle that Jassie had to fight was being an ace in speaking Hindi. It was still manageable because learning Mandarin for the tough job. He says,

"I underwent  a 15-day training to learn Mandarin to do justice to his part. Mandarin is difficult to learn itself, forget about speaking it. Initially, it was difficult to understand, but I worked hard to pronounce the words accurately. I watched many videos in the language with English subtitles. Once I learned the language, I worked on enhancing the diction prior to filming."
For Jassie, Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi is the best platform he could get for entering Bollywood. He also shared that he had got numerous ofers before too for big projects, but he refused all of them. Eventually Jassie got along with the entire cast of the movie. His song Guitar had just released while he was busy shooting for the film. Sonakshi Sinha heard the song and shared it on her social media handle. It was then that the Punjabi singer got to know that the actress heard Punjabi songs on loop, and so did Mudassar Aziz and Jimmy Shergill.

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